Monday, March 06, 2006

My one piece of Oscar Humor - Pimpin' is easy.

So - last night's Oscar quote of the night? Host Jon Stewart's quip, "For those of you keeping score, that's Martin Scorcese zero [Oscars], 3-6 Mafia, one [for the song from Hustle & Flow]." The song was an exercise in mediocrity, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," a crappy rap song whining and complaining about the difficulty of life as a pimp. It also serves as a prime example of genre: take three common rap themes (pimpin, hoes, and weed), mix, and get a hit song. Hell, get an Academy Award.

I hate to inform the ingenious thugz at three-six mafia (they don't warrant proper noun status in my book), but pimps don't know a damn thing about "hard life." It's hot work, sure. You may even have cops chase you from time to time. But you choose the life. You know who it's hard for? It's hard out there for fat, hairy losers.

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