Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Graduate School Blues

I've been increasingly bored lately - indeed, never as bored with so much to do as I am now. I will, therefore, write the following "humorous" bit for my fellow grad students:

You Know you're in Grad School When:

You look forward to Spring Break so that you can work on school things without classes or students interfering.

You walk into an examination session and understand the laughter (even if you, yourself, do not laugh at) at the following exchange:
NERD 1: How much did you study for this?
NERD 2: Not much. I was swamped and only had about five hours to look at the material.
NERD 1: I studied six! HA!
NERD 2: So?
NERD 1: (in a singsong, childlike voice) I'm in possession of determinate meaning. Nah nah nah nah naaaaaah!

"Coffee Filters" are ahead of meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy on your shopping list.

You grow to dread moments in which non-academics ask the question: "What is your dissertation/article/field of study about?"

"The Company of Other People" means "there are other people in the library/lab right now."

You find things interesting that nobody else on earth even thinks about.

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