Monday, February 27, 2006

What to do?

I am increasingly distraught over what to choose as the topic for a rhetorical criticism for my COM/ENG 516 course, "Rhetorical Criticism, Theory and Practice." There is no dearth of subject matter; however, I would like to choose a web-based artifact, straight politics or political parody website, for my analysis. Textual artifacts are fine - I enjoy text analysis and I've had a good deal of experience with such; however, there is a lack of qualified rhetorical criticism concerning the blend of visual and textual communicative methods in the world wide web.

Any topic I choose will involve an obvious dissection (read: deconstruction) of the biases presented by the sites. Before anyone jumps my ass, screeching about bias in politics, liberal or conservative, I encourage you to read one of my earlier posts "Screaming into a box". POLITICS IS BIAS. Any group or individual commenting upon or presenting political information will demonstrate an observable bias. The observability of the bias depends entirely upon the rhetorical skills of the presenter/commentator. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of shit.

I welcome suggestions. Leave a comment.

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