Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Give Gates the Finger!

I hope that someday, flying monsters from outer space will come to earth and eat Bill Gates. It looks like it may take that for the rest of us (read: non-Windoze drones). The justice system sure isn't working on it: despite an antitrust lawsuit (that could never win here in Georgie Porgie Bush's America), Micro$oft continues to engage in the same dirty tricks and deceits that got it to the top in the first place. A recent article posted on ZD|Net discusses a new round of pure crap spewing from the toilet that is Bill Gates's pen (or word processor - I wonder if he uses Office at home?)

Evidently, Micro$oft is urging its "Partners" - computer retailers who, for a reduced cost, are allowed to package Microsoft products with new PCs - to refrain from selling computers without a pre-installed operating system, that is, without the latest version of Windows, as a "security" measure. Riiiiiiiiight. Windows as a "security" measure - this is an oxymoron. Aren't all spyware programs, as well as most trojan horses and viruses aimed at exploiting all of the horrendous holes in Windows? People who buy PCs without operating systems are - guess what - likely buying them thus because they don't want to shell out hundreds of extra dollars for Microsoft products. Because they want to install Linux. To ensure that "Partners" are complying, they're requesting lists of PCs sold without OS-s, without which "Partners" will not get their lovely discount - which will hurt their business immensely.

I hope Gates, Ballmer, and co. die in a fiery plane crash soon.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps desiring the demise of Gates 'n' friends via the wand of conflagration is a tad extreme -- I'd much rather see a good ol'fashioned open-sourced butt-whoopin' (i.e., one where everyone can participate free of charge). And Google, Linux, and Apple seem to be doing pretty descent, some more than others.

Anonymous said...

And they're also starting to mess with Peter Norton: "Hey, buy our OS. Awww cute, would you look at that, it happens to have a bunch of security holes. But lucky for you, we've bundled our short-term-fix-to-a-long-term-problem-instead-of-additional-protection antivirus program! {cough}and if you don't have one, your computer will be rendered incapacitated within minutes of connecting to the internet{/cough}". At least the EU has called them on it.